SEBO HEPA VACUUM CLEANER X-1 ... LIFETIME BELT ... S-Class HEPA Filtration ... Best Filtration of any Upright Vacuum Cleaner ... "FREE" Shipping on this item

Item# Sebo-X1

Product Description

Features Include:

S-Class Filtration: 3 layer filter bag, electrostatic micro filter, and exhaust filter.

The SEBO will filter out at the S-Class Standard which is 99.97% of dust particles at .3 microns in size. For dust particles of 1 micron or larger, the filtration rate is 100%.

The bag comes off with the front cover to make it easier to throw away without getting dust all over yourself. The bag can be sealed, preventing dust from escaping when you seal the cover. The excellent filtration qualities of the SEBO helps conditions such as rhinitis, hay fever, and eczema. Automatic Height Adjustment: The SEBO automatically senses the level of the carpet or hard floors. This is controlled by a micro processor, keeping the brush at the optimum cleaning level, even compensating for brush wear.

If the brush becomes jammed, it will automatically shut the machine off, preventing damage to the brush, belt and whatever you picked up.

Attachments: Easy to use, pull out attachments, long reach hose, wand, furniture nozzle, and dusting brush.

The attachments are easy to use and work extremely well. Smart Design: If the SEBO becomes jammed or the bag becomes full, the vacuum will turn itself off automatically. The brush pops out with the push of your thumb.

You can not turn the machine on without a bag being in properly.

The low 5 1/2" profile allows it to easily go under furniture. The 40 ft. cord gives you tremendous cleaning reach.

The cogged belt does not slip like your typical rubber belt on most vacuums and is guaranteed for "life" -- "LIFETIME BELT".