RICCAR ECOPURE HEPA AIR PURIFYER AIR CLEANER 3-Stage HEPA Filtration Filters out 99.97% of contaminants in the air at .3 Micron Activated Carbon Filter: Keeps Your Home Odor-free Ionization (model REP2) Captures and removes pollen, mold, dust mites, pet dander, tobacco smoke, cooking smoke, and other allergens Stealth Quiet Technology

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Product Description

Riccar’s EcoPure is Clearing the Air

While vacuuming can effectively reduce allergens in floor coverings, Riccar America’s EcoPure air purification unit captures smaller allergens (0.3 micron) that float unnoticed in the air we breathe. Pesky allergens in the air are the source of misery for many allergy sufferers, and, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, it is estimated that indoor air is two to five times more lluted than air outside your home. Capturing airborne microorganisms and particles such as pollen, mold, mildew, dust mites, pet dander,tobacco smoke, cooking smoke and many other irritants.

The EcoPure Air Cleaner can circulate and filter the air over five times per hour in an average room. With twin fans and air speed settings for low, standard and turbo, you can determine the rate of air exchanges per hour.

Each model features a three-stage HEPA filtration system. First, air goes through an antimicrobial pre-filter that is treated to stop germs and bacteria from growing. Second, the air passes through a carbon-deodorizing filter, killing unpleasant smells. Third, the air is pulled through the HEPA filter. This is where the allergen and dust particles are captured. Clean air is then released back into the environment.

The EcoPure model REP2 also features an ionization component. The REP2 gives any contaminant not caught by the filter a negative electrical charge before re-entering the environment. Once the negatively charged particle leaves the unit, it clings to walls, floors, tables, etc., which are positively charged. This helps keep those particles out of the air and makes for easy pickup through regular cleaning such as vacuuming and dusting.

Each unit features a long-lasting (12-15 months) replaceable HEPA Filter and is quiet, emitting up to only 46 decibels.

Also designed for portability, the EcoPure is small and weighs only nine pounds.

Simply plug in the EcoPure wherever you need clean air. The EcoPure has a one-year warranty. Riccar products are sold exclusively through authorized Riccar dealers.

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